At Manhattan Life Real Estate LLC., we are curious, flexible, creative, and relentless. Empowered by non-traditional thinking, we understand that artificial intelligence and technological progress will continue to impact how we interact with the physical environment, live, and work. Commercial and residential spaces will become more hybrid in terms of use, but also imbued with software and natural resources to address environmental changes and the need for fluid, and instant digital communications. Conclusively, as consumers  initiate the search process online, through semi-automated platforms, depending on the type of transaction, eventually there is a need for physical viewing. Local knowledge, local laws, and the physical aspects of transferring real property have not been replaced by robots yet. The laws in some cases also separated the process from being bundled together in a real estate transaction, to provide options, including varied financial terms. In addition to having understanding of the process, and being empowered by access to dynamic, and contextual local  data, we can pick up on the nuisances that algorithms miss. 

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